Our Vision & Mission

About GreenX7

Welcome to GreenX7, where we want to inspire you to reconnect to self, others and the natural environment for ‘everyday wellness’. We understand that life is busy and sometimes we feel like we don’t have the opportunity to do what we love and more importantly look after our own wellbeing, but the statistics are rising and our mental and physical health is declining more than ever before.

Eating well and exercise are only two of the seven supporting tools we need to thrive and not just survive to improve our health and wellbeing. It’s time to shed the light on the other five tools that support our ‘everyday wellness’.

At GreenX7 we are here to support and guide you to reconnect to the little things, the moments that can build and strengthen your wellbeing and overall connection to self and others in this world.

Get the Facts

Accordingly to the National Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing – Australian Bureau of Statistics, in Australia, by the age of 65;

  • 82% of people will have a chronic illness
  • 50% of people will have suffered poor mental health
  • 50% of people will have suffered a relationship breakdown
  • 68% of people will suffer financial hardship
  • 27% of people will be dead

It’s time to change the statistics.


Our Mission

To re-connect people to themselves, others and the natural environment using our seven core elements to support an ‘everyday wellness’ lifestyle.

Our Vision

GreenX7 will continue to research and collaborate with stakeholders to enhance wellness and inspire people to value self, others and the natural environment to help reverse the alarming rise of mental and physical illness.

If you would like to learn more about GreenX7, look through the other pages on this website for detailed info, or contact us anytime. We’d love to hear from you.

GreenX7 is and continues to be, built on astounding scientific research and practical implementation through the incredible and tireless work of individuals and organisations in the many fields that make up our 7 core elements.

Connecting to the core elements each day will help;

  • Reduce anxiety and stress levels
  • Increase productivity and creativity
  • Improve self-esteem and mood
  • Reduce the risk of depression and obesity
  • Strengthen relationship to self and others