How Did GreenX7 Begin?

How It Started

As humans in this day and age, it is natural to sometimes ask ourselves the bigger questions… “How can I live a happy and healthy life? What brings me the most joy and life satisfaction? What does everyday wellness look and feel like to me? Is there a secret recipe?”

At GreenX7, we asked the same kind of questions and after having observed and studied the world around us, there was particularly one question that we wanted an answer to: “Why was it that people who actively engage in a natural environment look and feel much happier, healthier and connected?”

This lead us to the work of Dr Jules Pretty, who was able to begin to respond to our question and inspire us to research the topic further.

Countless hours have been spent on reading up on research findings, academic papers and journals, books, wellness programs etc – as well as invaluable conversations and collaborations with key academics, researchers and professionals who offered insight into current health trends and the theories and research behind them.

What we discovered was that, not only is there plethora information about how natural environments positively support our physical, emotional and mental health, but it goes deeper and further than that. Our research findings were indeed mind blowing, although no simple formula for everyday life – this is where the X7 started to take shape.

The ultimate result of our Research & Development is the GreenX7 philosophy and programs: a holistic approach with tangible learning tools to support and encourage greater connection to self, others and nature for enhanced quality of life and overall wellbeing.

The Role & Purpose of the X7 R&D Project

  • Act as the foundation platform

    for GreenX7 research and development

  • Provide knowledge and inspiration

    for our X7 methodology, education, workshops and program delivery with a continued dedication to explore and investigate current, past and future R&D

  • Continue to bring science to life

    with development of tangible tools which can be implemented into daily living

  • Bring greater awareness

    to the vast physical, mental and social health benefits associated with the X7 tools

  • Work collectively

    to reduce the current trend of depression, suicide, obesity and many other mental and physical health issues

  • Build on our current research

    for future advancements in the pursuit of reconnection to self, others and nature

  • Create self-sustaining

    individuals for a self-sustaining planet

  • Want to get involved?

    Would you like to learn more about our research, or enquire about how you can get involved with your own expertise or organisation? Contact us. We’d love to talk to you.