Happy people do better work.

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Help your people be well, connected, resilient and happy with app-based learning and habit building.

GX7 365 program

GreenX7 has created a framework to evaluate and improve wellbeing and resilience for teams and organisations to thrive .


8 week app-based wellbeing training for your whole team.


Battery check-ins & suggested recharges through the app.


Helpful dashboards to gain insights into employee wellbeing

"It's kinda cool that my workplace cares about my wellbeing"


Is your team thriving or just surviving?

At the core of our method is 'battery' check-in. A couple of times a week, we'll ask your team to take a 1 minute candid self assessment to help them understand how they can go from survive > thrive.

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8 Week Challenge

At various times throughout the year GX7 runs an 8 week challenge for teams to join in, push each other and feel the collective benefits of improved wellbeing.

Content each week to increase understanding and engagement

Customised activities to encourage team participation

Leaderboards to create friendly competition and idea sharing

4 x 8 week challenges delivered through the app

Live coaching delivered weekly

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